Things To Know About Wedding Dress Preservation

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Following our sentimental values, we have probably purchased the most expensive wedding dress, and why shouldn’t we? It is the most memorable day of our life. It should be so special.
When you love the dress, say yes to the dress, and you have to preserve the dress. Now the wedding is over, and your most expensive dress is hanging into your closet. What now? You indeed have to preserve it.

Preservation is a term used for the packaging techniques to ensure the specialized cleaning process. After spending a considerable amount of money on getting the perfect dress for a wedding, it is fair to give it a happily-ever-after through proper preservation. Now, what things you should know to preserve your most mesmerizing dress. Many Cultural sentiments have the possibility of passing their wedding dress to their daughters as well.
Super cute, right!

Today we are going to talk about how you store your wedding dress. Some measures should have been taken before and after the marriage ceremony. Let’s discuss six of them. Let’s get straight into the topic.

1.Identify The Fabric

Wedding dress preservation depends on the fabric of the dress. Whether it is a human-made fabric like polyester or it is silk. Silk is a little bit more fragile and needs a little more careful stock, so if you are going to save your dress for a little longer and maybe for here, you need to be more particular.

2.Laundered Your Dress

Before preserving your dress, the first thing is that you will want to have the gown professionally laundered by reputed dry cleaners. Wedding dress preservation is not the same thing as our regular dry cleaning garments. Some cleaners will offer wedding dress cleaning services, but that does not necessarily mean the service as preservation.

3.To hang or not to hang

Most brides just hang their dresses on a hanger and think it is ok. No, it is not ok. You have to consider the weight of your dress before hanging it on the coat hanger. Does it have heavy beading, multiple layers of fabric, or just a single-layered skirt?
Well, in my opinion, do not get into the thoughts to hang your dress. The best way to store your clothing is flat and wrapped into the sheet.

4.Use A Box

If you do not tend to use your dress longer, you want to preserve it in your closet. You would probably pack it into the box. But before purchasing a package, you want to measure your dress. The best way is to take the apparel and fold it and measure the dress’s width and length. Must add 2-3 inches to the dress’s height to accommodate the tissue or any fabric used.

Low-quality storage material can damage your gown. So you will want to make sure that everything you use is the best in its quality. For boxing, use the buffered tissues and line the bottom part of the box with that tissue paper. Now leave the tissue hanging over the edges of the box, which will cover the entire dress. Play the dress in the box, and when you do this, put the lid on. Confirm that your wedding dress preservation box is airtight.

5.Temperature Effects

After you have decided whether to put your dress on the hanger or packed in a box, try to keep your clothing where the temperature and humidity will not fluctuate. And do not expose your dress to the sunlight.

6.Use Online Preservation Services

In the fast-paced technological world where everything will come on your doorstep with a single click on your smartphone, you can get the preservation services online. If you are not sure to preserve your wedding dress at home, you can get the preservation service online. Many dry cleaning companies provide the services online and have some particular service for wedding dress preservation.

Your wedding dress will look as fresh as new. A wedding dress will likely come back to you, steamed and pressed. It will be in the protective package that displays the product. And it is clean and completely acid-free. They were using the special tool kits for this purpose, and you will be able to check the services before hiring them.