Shopping Timeline For Your Wedding Dress

You just got hitched, and now you are excited about your wedding dress. According to Carolina Herrara, “A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman-it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.” So your wedding dress should be nothing less than flawless. Your wedding day might seem ages away, but the time from getting engaged to getting married flies by in the blink of an eye. Therefore, you need to plan on bringing your wedding dress accordingly. Made-on-order gowns take a minimum of six months. You might also need time to find the right wedding dress, and you will also want to spare some time to the designer if your gown requires any alterations.

After Getting Hitched

What is the perfect time to buy a wedding dress? It is utterly incredible if you have already saved your ideal gown design from one of the boards on Pinterest; however, if not, then now is the right time to dive in. You can start by searching through bridal magazines, googling the trendy ideas from your favorite designers, or taking inspiration from recently wedded brides. Write down all the points that you can think of (open backs, silk material, lacework, drop shoulder, etc.) and take them to the bridal shop on your first appointment. Hold your breath, you might find something different from that in your mind, and you might even end up loving it.

Post Venue Selection

It is also a great idea to buy your wedding dress after you have chosen the venue. After all, your clothing should complement the entire vibe of the event. For example, a heavily designed long-tailed ball gown won’t be appropriate for a beach like a venue. You should have some sense of your wedding dress when only six months are left on the big day so that you can shop peacefully without freaking out much. You should finalize your budget for the dress as well. Make bookings to the bridal shops because the spots fill up way too quickly. Do your research about which salon offers size range and designer wear. Once you have approved a dress, it will arrive as you wished within the given time.

9 Months To Go

Finalize your dress at the salon, highlight any changes you would like to make, pay half of the cash in advance, and take 6-8 months to prepare you a dream dress. The process takes longer because the material used in the dress comes from various countries. A lot of brides want their dresses in hand almost a month before the wedding day. Give a reasonable date to the bridal shop considering the time for alterations, pre-wedding photoshoot, or in case it is a destination wedding.

5 Months To The Big Day

While your dress is in the making, cross out a few things from your wedding checklist in the meantime. You should keep your tailor in line if the designer fails to provide one. Next up is accessories, including your veil, jewelry, and matching footwear. Your footwear also depends upon the venue.

3 Months And Counting

The wedding dress should be ready by now; if not, then go and check out the progress.

6-8 Weeks More

It would be best to try your dress for the first time to check the fitting now. Drag your bridesmaid along to help you adjust the gown. Don’t buy your bridal undergarments before this time to lay the best foundation for your dress to roll. Try to keep your weight balanced after this to avoid significant alterations in the dress.

4 Weeks Left

Yay! Time for the second trial of the dress. You should be done with all the heavy lifting work so that you can have a better visualization of the final product. You must have selected your headpiece, veil, accessories, footwear, and lingerie by now.

Okay, 2 Weeks Now

Some dresses require alterations twice, but a third one may be necessary, and yours may be that one. Try out your dress with all other accessories and get ready for the glamorous first look!

Ugh, 1 Week Left

Pick up your bridal dress and pay the remaining amount of money along with the alteration charges. You will receive a protective covering to keep your outfit safe until the big day. Don’t worry, even if you are traveling elsewhere. Nowadays, designers make bridal dresses that are easy to carry in the plane as well. Make sure to keep it covered, though.

The Big Day Is Here!

It’s showtime. Before walking down the aisle, unpack your dress, hang it up, and iron away any wrinkles to make sure you look stunning and gorgeous.

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